At Orion Cleaning our main health concern involves keeping you healthy from allergens and germs that may reside in your carpets, vents and grouting.
But it is June, and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors in Northeast Ohio. This time spent outdoors is an enormous boost to you and your family’s physical and mental health. According to Kevin Loria, a health and science writer, there are 10 distinct advantage to being outside.

1. Walking in parklands and other nature areas can improve short-term memory.

2. The outdoors can reduce heart rates and produce lower levels of cortisol (the hormone that is used as a marker for distress). This results in overall destressing.

3. The outdoors has been known to reduce inflammation. Being in the woods can also have a positive effect on hypertension levels.

4. Being outdoors equals less fatigue. Being at your desk for 40 hours a week can lead to mental fatigue. Need we say more?

5. Both depression and anxiety can be eased up by spending time in nature combined with exercise. If the outdoor venue includes a body of water, it is even more beneficial for the prevention of depression and anxiety.

6. For children, several studies have shown, being outdoors during recess and after school, can help to prevent myopia when they become adults.

7. Walking in the great outdoors can lower blood pressure. A comprehensive study of 280 participants in Japan showed that by walking outdoors stress concentrate hormones were decreased by more that 15%, pulse rates were reduced by 4% and blood pressure by over 2%.

8. Walking outdoors can improve the ability to focus on tasks. There has been a study that had adults take breaks by either walking in the country, walking in the city or relaxing. When the three groups returned, the group that walked in the country scored the highest on a task involving focusing.

9. It is possible that outdoor sessions may help prevent cancer. A study, in its preliminary stage, “may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins”. This protein boost can last up to seven days.

10. Being outdoors is often associated with a lower risk of early death. A research team discovered that “a wide variety of diseases were less prevalent among people who lived in close proximity to green space.”

All the staff at Orion Cleaning wants to wish our customers a happy summer with lots of healthy outdoor options to choose from. Orion will focus on keeping the inside of your home healthy while you are outside doing healthy activities for you and your family.

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