Marketing - Orion Cleaning Solutions

Marketing - Orion Cleaning Solutions

We are local business and we know that Direct Mail is one of the most successful acquisition tools. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality material to the areas you want to target at an affordable price. Why are we interested? This campaign will help you and us to manage advertising cost efficiently.

We will handle your Direct Mail campaign from an idea to a mail box (yes, price includes design, print, and postage). To provide you with this great deal we have standard quantity and size:

Your ad will occupy one side of the flyer, and second side will be occupied by another business. We can negotiate if you are interested in both sides, or if you are thinking to mail more than 5,000 pieces. Call us at 440-497-0607 to schedule a meeting and discuss the design, mailing routes and dates. Please use the Contact Us form on this site or e-mail to get any additional information.


We do not use templates – we create custom design for your business. We will ask you to provide us content and logos. If you have a picture that you want to use, it needs to be a high resolution image (at least 300dpi). We will work on layout (not slogans or logo design) and we will contact you as soon as first draft is ready. We will make as many alterations as needed to make sure you campaign looks perfect to you.


The 8.5x11 flyers will be printed on high quality 80lb glossy paper. Please note, we offer design and print services for your other campaigns as well - postcards, menus, flyers.


We will prepare the flyers for post office and ship it. We target based on geography – specific mailing routes can be selected.


Sample Flyers: