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Orion Cleaning Solutions offers a top quality Beachwood carpet cleaning service using non-toxic cleaning solutions! Contact us when you need a terrific team of cleaners to take clean and care for your carpets. Carpets are a lovely addition to any living space. Not only do they add beautiful value to your home or office, and give homes and offices a warm and cozy look and feel, but they act as filters for the air. Our carpet cleaning specialists bring you state-of-the art equipment and up-to-the-minute cleaning processes to make your home or business sparkle! We just know you'll love the results and will find the entire preparation, cleaning, and finishing process painless, efficient, and rewarding. Our friendly, professional carpet cleaning technicians will work with you to bring the beauty of clean, shiny carpets to your home or commercial premises.

Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning in Beachwood, OH

Every living space is contaminated with pollen and dust, or more - soil, food particles, bacteria, fungi, human skin cells and hair, animal hair. Carpets and upholstered furniture capture pollutants and keep them away from your family. However, at a certain point, carpets become “full.” Carpets can hold up to eight times their weight in dirt, dust, and other toxins. But when they become full they begin releasing the contaminants back into the atmosphere of your home or office.

Upholstery cleaning in Beachwood, OH

Upholstery cleaning is one of the services offered by Orion Cleaning Solutions. Your furniture can last for many, many years with proper care. Stains, allergens, and dirt will all be removed. Regular upholstery services will make your home look more beautiful, smell fresher, feel cozier, and save you money in the long run. It will make your entire home look new again. Our local cleaning services in Beachwood, OH are all green & none toxic, making your home and upholstery safe for you, your family, and your pets. We offer routine cleaning services as well as emergency services after spills or floods. We clean all types of upholstered furniture: couches, sofas, armchairs, ottomans, chaises, love seats.

What We Offer

Our Beachwood, OH cleaning service offers carpet and upholstery cleaning service to protect both your family and your pets. We powerful truck- mounted units and non-toxic cleaners to safely remove human skin particles, fungi and bacteria upon which dust mites feed in your carpets and rugs, safely remove other allergens like pet hair, mold, and pollen, safely remove dirt and debris, safely remove stains. 

As a result, your carpets will smell wonderful, they will feel softer, they will look new, and your family will be protected from the allergens, bacteria, and mildew found in carpets. Orion Cleaning Solutions offers you the highest quality carpet cleaning service in Beachwood, OH! Contact us when you need a terrific team of professional cleaners for general carpet cleaning or wall to wall carpet cleaning. We clean and care for your carpets and upholstery using green seal certified cleaners to protect your family.


Five stars review 

I have hired Orion Cleaning Solutions a number of times to clean our floors. When they are done the carpets look beautiful. They are always on time and the employees are excellent and easy to deal with. Beachwood, OH.

Five stars review 

Orion cleaned 3 rooms, an armchair and an area rug for us and they did a fantastic job, I'm very pleased! Pet and coffee stains are gone and they carpets were left looking like new. I would highly recommend Orion. Beachwood, OH.

Five stars review 

I was very pleased with the cleaning done on my carpets. I've had many people clean my carpets, this job was exceptional. The service man was very professional and a very pleasant person. Beachwood, OH




Orion Cleaning Solutions provides commercial carpet cleaning in Beachwood, OH.

Commercial carpet receives more traffic than a residential carpet. That's why it's important to select and install commercial carpet that fits a building user's needs. However, once that carpet is properly selected and installed, its durability and lasting beauty is highly dependent on the ongoing maintenance and cleaning programs.

Carpet needs to be routinely vacuumed, spots and spills need to be removed right away. Carpet serves as collection point for dust and dirt and everything that is tracked in. Qualities such as sound absorption, slip resistance and soil-trapping ability makes it the most desirable floor covering in many buildings. Even the best maintained carpet must be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and dirt tracked inside fibers.

Orion Cleaning Solutions can effectively handle that, we offer both steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning for commercial carpets.