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carpet-cleaning-mentor-44060 - Orion Cleaning Solutions

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Services

Orion Cleaning Solutions provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Mentor, OH. We help you to make your home or commercial establishment more inviting by using our years of industry expertise to maintain the fresh, clean environment you love. We offer a full lineup of cleaning services, letting you focus on some or all of the services you need, mixing and matching as desired, secure in the knowledge that whether you order few or many services on a given day, Orion Cleaning Solutions is always there to handle all your cleaning needs both now and in the future.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Mentor, OH 44060

Carpet Cleaning by the Experts

Our carpet cleaning specialists bring you state-of-the art equipment and up-to-the-minute cleaning processes to make your home or business sparkle! We just know you'll love the results and will find the entire preparation, cleaning, and finishing process painless, efficient, and rewarding. Our friendly, professional carpet cleaning technicians will work with you to bring the beauty of clean, shiny carpets to your home or commercial premises.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Mentor, OH

Our expert cleaning technicians provide leather and fabric upholstery cleaning services that give your dull, dingy furnishings a new lease on life. Your fabric or leather sofas, chairs, and ottomans will look brand new, helping to bring out the beauty of your freshly cleaned carpets. You'll be amazed at how much brighter your furniture will look once the dirt, dust, and grime have been whisked away by our thorough cleaning process. 

Green Cleaning - Green Carpet Cleaning, Green Upholstery Cleaning Services

We offer our "green certified" cleaning, which uses 100% non-toxic, "green certified" cleaners that are completely biodegradable. Green cleaning helps remove dust, dirt, and other allergens from your home or business environment, while also protecting the outdoor environment from the onslaught of chemical toxins that compromise our ecosystems and threaten the health of our communities.

Carpet Cleaning in Mentor, OH, Upholstery Cleaning in Mentor, OH

Other Specialized Cleaning Services

Additional cleaning services we offer include curtain and drape cleaning, pet stain removal, mattress cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Other specialty service options that can enhance the beauty of your living room, family room, or den include marble cleaning and restoration services. Whatever part of your home or commercial space needs cleaning and beautifying, Orion Cleaning Solutions has the expertise to do the job.

Our Other Cleaning Specialties In addition to the cleaning services mentioned above, we offer the following specialty services:

  • Curtain and drape cleaning 
  • Pet stain removal and Pet odor removal
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Marble cleaning and restoration
  • Area Rug cleaning

These added specialty services can help increase the attractiveness of your home or business space. No matter which room of your home needs service — kitchen, living room, family room, or bath — or which part of your commercial space needs a professional image boost, Orion Cleaning Solutions offers a service that will meet your need. Call the company whose specialists have the skills and experience to do an outstanding job.

Our Philosophy

We believe in doing every job right. As our customer, you have the right to expect top-notch service and an exceptional finished job, and that's just what you'll get from Orion Carpet Cleaning. Whether your job is big or small, you can count on us to give it the attention it deserves. After all, our business is built on developing long-term relationships with our customers. 100% Clean Guarantee At Orion Carpet Cleaning, we are happy to offer our customers 100% clean guarantee on our work. If you aren't completely pleased with a job, simply let us know within 5 days, and we will come in for a free redo, no questions asked. That's one way we show you how much we value your business.

Orion Carpet Cleaning: Where the Customer Always Comes First!

Five stars review 

They worked so hard. They made every attempt to make it perfect. I was very, very pleased. This was my first time using them. They cleaned the carpet in our living room, dining room, one small bedroom as well as one chair. They were on time, professional, thorough, and courteous. I can assure anyone that they will be very pleased with the service and cleaning. I highly recommend them. Mentor, OH.

Five stars review 

I called Orion Cleaning Solutions and they were able to come the next day. They had a very quick turn around and came at a very convenient time. They were in and out in an hour. They were very professional and my carpets look amazing. Mentor, OH.

Five stars review 

Orion Cleaning Solutions cleaned more thoroughly than any other place we've had. He gets back to me very quickly. He was also able to fit us into his schedule very easily every time. I would recommend their services. Mentor, OH.


Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Mentor, OH 44060

Orion Cleaning Solutions provides commercial carpet cleaning in Mentor, OH.

Commercial carpet receives more traffic than a residential carpet. That's why it's important to select and install commercial carpet that fits a building user's needs. However, once that carpet is properly selected and installed, its durability and lasting beauty is highly dependent on the ongoing maintenance and cleaning programs.

Carpet needs to be routinely vacuumed, spots and spills need to be removed right away. Carpet serves as collection point for dust and dirt and everything that is tracked in. Qualities such as sound absorption, slip resistance and soil-trapping ability makes it the most desirable floor covering in many buildings. Even the best maintained carpet must be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and dirt tracked inside fibers.

Orion Cleaning Solutions can effectively handle that, we offer both steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning for commercial carpets.