How to make your home spotless

How to make your home spotless

In today’s fast paced world, making the time to keep a clean home isn’t always easy, but there are some quick options and other solutions that can permit you to fit domestic cleaning into your hectic lifestyle! First of all if you have the financial means you could consider hiring a cleaning company on a regular basis to take care of that much needed kitchen cleaning, upholstery cleaning and any other house cleaning needs you have!

 Finding the right cleaning agency does require a bit of research, so put aside a couple of hours of a Saturday morning and start surfing the web to find the right professional cleaners for you. Remember when shopping for cleaning services make sure they are offering what you’re looking for. Consider the regularity of the cleaning service you need and check if they are available to send out cleaners at a time that suits you.

Now if hiring a reliable cleaning company to take care of your home cleaning sounds rather extravagant, keep reading, for I have some terrific tips and time saving tricks on how you can carry out efficient and swift house clean! A vital component to a clean home is regular cleaning. You don’t have to do everything in one day from sofa cleaning to carpet cleaning; you can just stick to the basics, like kitchen cleaning. By kitchen cleaning I don’t mean you should conduct a weekly over cleaning, but remember to keep the sink clean and wipe down your surfaces daily! This will prevent dirt and grime from really building up and save you having to get stuck into a more regularly deep clean!

Wiping down the bathroom every couple days will also really help keep your bathtub, basin and toilet looking clean and that means you’ll only have to worry about tile and grout scrubbing every couple of months! If you have a glass shower door, my advice would be to wipe that down every couple of days too, to avoid those water droplet stains building up! Use lemon or vinegar to tackle any stubborn water stains or smudges! The best time to clean your bathroom that will also save you time, is usually right after you or a member of your family has had a shower! The steam from the hot water will help you with the cleaning. Keeping handy your all-purpose cleaner will also mean you won’t have to go to another room before giving your bathtub and toilet a good once-over!

By vacuuming your carpeted home once a week, you will really limit the appearance of dirt and get rid of all that dust that collects so quickly on your floors and surfaces! Now if you don’t have carpeting, you can mop your floor once a week, but would advise mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors slightly more often… maybe two or three times a week. Some vacuum cleaners have special attachments that glide over tiles and parquet or solid wood flooring. If you can, why not invest in a vacuum cleaner that also washes floors, and think of all the time you can save by not having to use a mop and bucket!

It’s true that professional cleaning agencies can really give your home the attention and clean it deserves and needs, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. If you can spare just ten minutes a day to give each room a quick dust, wipe down or floor cleaning, then you’re sure to live in a cleaner environment. Finally one last tip that can help you maintain a clean home is to keep a tidy one. So clear any clutter today and get on your way to brighter, cleaner home!

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