How to Clean and Have Fun Doing It

How to Clean and Have Fun Doing It

Cleaning our homes is one task we can all agree feels like a chore on most days. We often prefer delaying it for a later day, but we can’t really do that forever, so we must focus on cleaning on a semi-regular basis. There are quite a few ways you can make this fun, but you should make sure you avoid being lazy about it. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can use to make the chores feel far less bothersome and more fun:

Boosting the mood with music
Nothing can affect the soul like good beats and a music that lifts the mood and energizes us for the rest of our day. Background music can be an excellent way to set the stage for your cleaning efforts without feeling too down to do anything about it. Depending on the choices you have in mind, you may choose anything uplifting, from ska and reggae to rock or electronic music or whatever strikes your fancy.

Making it a game
For the most part we all have an inner child living inside us, waiting to come out under the right circumstances. One great way of making sure cleaning is not quite a chore is to find ways to think of it as a simple game, something you do to pass the time and have fun while doing it. Whatever you do, make sure you never think about it as something boring and utterly unavoidable. This will only end up demotivating you and making you slow and clumsy at what you do.

Light and air
Open all your windows to let the light in, them pull the blinds open and do the same to all your curtains. You can turn on the lights if you absolutely must, but make sure you can see all the details in the rooms you’re cleaning so you can’t miss anything you need to clean.

Beds and dressers
Do you have a cat around your home? If so, then you are probably aware of the many toys and other things a cat hoards behind furniture and under it when it plays around. Even if you don’t have a cat making your rooms its personal storage, you may still find items underneath your sofa or some other place. Dust bunnies and hair will often collect underneath as well, ending up there and becoming breeding grounds for dust mites.

Put it all back in place
As soon as you’re done cleaning a certain room, make sure you put it all back in its place in the end. This will help in the long run, especially if you have to organize things as you work. Completing the job this way will allow you to see what rooms are done and what areas are cleaned with greater ease.

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