Cleaning with Home-made Cleaning Detergents

Cleaning with Homemade Cleaning Detergents

There is no need to explore the shelves of your local shop to find effective and inexpensive cleaning products. You can get all that you need to sanitize your home from your kitchen cabinet. The primary advantage of the home-made solutions is that they incorporate

eco–friendly ingredients, such as vinegar and baking soda that are harmless for your health and cost less. With these simple mix – it – yourself cleaners you can successfully perform your regular home maintenance, while staying chemical – free.

Floor Wash

Vinegar takes central part in all home-made natural cleaners. It is non toxic and thus safe. Plus it can efficiently deal with almost any stain because of its acid structure. You can use it on almost any type of flooring including wood, tile, linoleum and vinyl. Grab a bucket and a mop and try out the following recipe. The ingredients include, besides 1 cup of distilled white vinegar, also ½ cap of liquid castile soap and around 2 liters of warm water. Add the first two and pour the water. Help the ingredients to dissolve by using the mop to mix it.

Windows Cleaner

Windows and mirrors are considered hard areas to wash, because of the streaks that are often formed. Try out a vinegar solution that will guarantee a sparkling shine. You will need ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol, 2 cups of water, ½ cup of white distilled vinegar and 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to give the cleaning solution a pleasant scent. Combine the ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle. Apply it on a cloth and then wipe. Avoid the streaks by performing the window cleaning on a cloudy day. If you do it while sunny, the solution will dry out too quickly leaving disappointing results.

Dish Detergent

The only thing home-made dish washing soap lacks compared to the commercial cleaners are the bubbles.  The natural detergent is just as good as the stuff you can find in the store and will protect your hands from drying out. Dissolve in a bottle 3 tsp of vegetable glycerine, 2/3 cup of liquid castile soap and 1 1/3 cups of water. Then add 25 drops of essential oil to your preference. Shake well and place the soap near the sink. You can use it also on the counter tops.

All- Purpose Cleaner

Clean the grime and the grease with a formula consisting of borax and washing soda. These two have strong scouring and antimicrobial powers helping you fully sanitize your home. To offset the odor, you will only need to add any type of old soap and essential oils. Don’t forget to put on your rubber gloves. Combine in a spray bottle 2 tsp borax, 1 tsp washing soda, and 2 tsp of distilled vinegar, ¼ of liquid soap, 13 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 ½  cups of hot water.  Shake the bottle and apply the cleaner on the stained surfaces. Then wipe with a wet sponge.

Natural Laundry Detergent

This is a recipe for high – efficiency and green laundry detergent, meaning that it uses less water to clean your clothes. Create it by mixing ½ cup of borax, 1/2 cup of washing soda, 1 bar of grated lavender castile soap and ¼ cup of baking soda.  Use 3 tablespoons of detergent per a single load.

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