How to have your upholstery cleaned professionally by the experts

Sofa cleaning experts to the rescue2

Having your upholstery cleaned by the professionals is something that many of us look to undertake when it comes down to jazzing our sofas and other fabric based furniture up! We realize that our sofas may not always look beautiful and pristine as they once did, and can often become filled up with grime, grease and dirt. The best way around this is to actually hire a sofa cleaning company that specializing in cleaning fabrics, specifically in order to be able to have your stuff totally back to normal! We have put together a few coherent tips for you in order to be able to get your cleaning agency through the door and with the best deal:

  • Make a list of all the different items in the house you want cleaning. It is tempting to think that it may only be the sofas that need a good polish, however when you think of things like headboards that have been made out of fabrics, Ottomans, pouffes and dressing table stools that have either a leather or fabric finish, it’s easy to see why you should make a list on all the different things you have. It makes life easier for you and for your cleaning company because you know what they actually be doing when they come over.
  • Establish a budget for your cleaning company. Having a proper budget ensures that you are always on track when it comes down to all your cleaning. A lot of people will simply try and hire a company without having set aside a specific budget and believe that they can coast by. Remember that companies are always charging an extra charge of VAT and you always want to be sure that you have your budget that is inclusive of all of it only because the charge will ramp up and you won’t always have the leeway to bargain afterwards. It is best to be prepared so that you are able to stay on track for the next time as well!
  • When you start the search for a cleaning agency that is going to do all your cleaning in your house, you ideally want to ask your friends and family for referrals, however if there does come a point where you need to use the internet, the best way is to be able to see their testimonials to ensure that you are able to see any previous client work that they have done, to ensure that they are legitimate as well as proper when it comes down to hiring them.


  • When you hire a cleaning company, you should always ensure that they are properly licenced and insured when it comes to their staff because you do not want amateurs doing your work. When you book in the clean, ensure that you vet their staff as best as you can. Ensure that they have the proper equipment as well as them all being experienced in the different machinery that they would be using to clean your sofa.


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