The benefits of having your sofas cleaned by the experts

The benefits of having your sofas cleaned by the experts2

Having your sofa cleaned by the expert’s means that you don’t have to chuck your sofa out or get rid of it because it got old or something like that. The best solution is upholstery cleaning because it renews your sofas into looking something perfect, something that we cannot do ourselves. Over a period of time, our sofas become worn and torn out and we literally don’t know what to do with them. The best thing that we are able to is to hire the experts to be able to do this for us! But what’s different—you may be asking? “What can the experts do that I cannot, and what should I expect from their service?” Glad you asked! We have shared a few pointers that you should be expecting from your cleaning company when you hire them, so that you are all prepared and ready to receive your new sofa, restored in perfect shape! :

  • Your cleaning contractors should be polite and professional. It really goes without saying however there are so many people who are NOT professional when it comes down to their service. Either they totally forget how to behave, they over familiarize the person or they are simply shabby with their service. It is imperative to find a company that hires a bunch of staff that mind their language, their manners and always are reliable when you need them. You don’t need cleaning experts that are turning up half an hour late (without a justifiable reason!), just because “well, there was a lot of traffic!”. If you are paying a professional company, it is only wise and fair that you are provided professional service in return.
  • They should request payment in a professional manner, too. Cleaning companies are often known to request a deposit to secure your booking, however some of them will request the full amount to be paid before the work begins. If you are not comfortable with this, it is best to let the representative know, as they will probably be able to work out an arrangement for you, provided this is within their means. A lot of companies are happy to accept card payments however some will still accept cash. Before booking a company for your clean, always do request that they add their VAT surcharge to the tab, which will prevent you from incurring any nasty surprises that can leave you short changed and out of pocket.
  • All cleaning teams should be fully experienced, licensed and qualified to be able to clean your place as well as pass background checks to ensure they are of the highest integrity. Remember, you are opening your house to complete strangers and it should only be of concern that you’re not letting a thief or a thug into your place. The best way around this is to solicit testimonials from previous clients ensuring that the company is exactly who they say they are and that you are able to trust them.
  • Your booking should be held in place and the cleaners should make sure that they bring all their own cleaning equipment when they come to your place, as well as being courteous. Professionalism goes a very long way!

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