What is the right way to clean velvet upholstery

Velvet upholstery

Velvet is a very luxurious fabric, which isn’t easy for maintaining. If not properly cleaned, its fabric can be crushed and damaged. If you want to learn how to keep your velvet upholstery in a clean condition, without leaving any damage to it, read the following lines. Velvet, made from synthetic materials is easier for cleaning, while wool, silk, cotton and combination of these fabrics velvet better be cleaned by professionals. Follow the advice and tips presented above to avoid damaging the smooth surface of your velvet upholstery.

You should apply general cleaning of your velvet upholstery every week. Use a soft clean cloth or a brush to remove debris and dirt from the upholstery’s surface. Next you should vacuum clean your upholstered furniture with the attachment of the machine, designated for furniture. Make sure you collect all the fuzz from your upholstered furniture with the vacuum cleaning machine, running it back and forth until the fuzz disappears from your velvet furniture. Use the special attachment for furniture of you vacuum cleaning  machine, and if you don’t have one, buy such from the market.

Estimate the fuzz of your velvet upholstery and brush it in this direction, using a soft brush. If you find creases in it, apply a steam cleaner on it and you will receive the best results possible.

If your want to remove stains from your velvet upholstered furniture, you should make the stain dry by applying a soft clean cloth on it to absorb the liquid. Don’t apply too much strain on it. Then continue removing the stain by making a self-made cleaning solution. For it you will need only a little quantity of warm water and some drops of dish-washing detergent. Stir and shake this solution until suds occur. Apply the suds on the stain carefully. You can also use a dry cleaning product to remove the stain. If you buy a ready cleaning product for removing the stain, read the instructions for use and apply them exactly as it is explained. After you clean the stain, let it dry well and brush it in the same direction the fuzz are, until the velvet returns to its normal appearance.

It is very important that you remove the stain appearing on your velvet fabric as soon as possible. Letting it stay and dry there will make the fabric weaker, less durable and easier to be damaged. It will also be more difficult the stain to be removed later.

A steam cleaner is perfect for removing stains, dirt and debris, disinfecting the velvet fabric, without leaving any damage to it. If you have it, apply it on your velvet upholstery for cleaning it with better results.

If you doubt in the techniques, explained above and are afraid that you can crush the fabric of your upholstery or damage it, you better turn to a professional cleaning company like. Use the services of a reliable cleaning provider to remove the stains and clean your velvet upholstery professionally. Apply the necessary professional cleaning of your velvet upholstery twice a year for better results. This way you can be sure that your velvet fabric is in good hands. Velvet is a material, which requires special cares, because it is very delicate and can be easily damaged.

You can do the regular cleaning on your own with vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning machines, and leave the stain removing and more thorough cleaning to some professional cleaning company. Once every six to eight months is enough for your velvet upholstery. Use these tips and advice for maintaining and cleaning your valuable velvet furniture in a good condition for longer.

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