How to clean and maintain your windows to look like new


You can keep your windows clean and expensive looking if you provide regular and proper cleaning for them. There are many techniques and materials you can use to make your windows look like new. Here you will learn some of the most effective methods to maintain your windows in a flawless condition. Regularly cleaned windows last longer and look a lot better.

You can use a window-washing squeegee, which has a soft and smooth rubber edge. You can also use a black and white newspaper to clean your window. Before you apply the squeegee, dry one inch area at the top or at one side of every window. Then you can start using the squeegee at this area. If you apply it on a dry surface, streaks won’t appear. Avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight, because the glass will dry quickly and streaks are most probable to occur. Wash your windows in the evenings or on cloudy days.

After cleaning your windows, protect your window blinds from piling with dust, using an antiseptic spray. If your window frames have mildew, you can wash them using a solution of bleach and detergent. Clean black and grey spots from mildew with  two ounces of household bleach mixed with one ounce laundry detergent, dissolved in a quart of water. Use rubber gloves in the cleaning process to protect your hands are advising you from TenancyCleaners Mill Hill. Apply a sponge with the solution right in the mildew spots. Let it react for ten minutes and then rinse well, using clean water.

Being exposed to the elements, your exterior windows gather a lot of dirt every day. To keep your window sills clean, apply a layer of clear floor wax to wipe them. This will protect them form the influence of the elements.

If your windows get dirty too fast you probably need to change your air-conditioner or furnace filters. Contemporary homes tend to gather dirt, pollen, dander, dust and other small particles more than usual. The filters on your furnace and air-conditioner trap the grime effectively and increase the lifespan of your electrical appliances. You should change the filters of your air-conditioner and furnace once every month or two and every time you don’t see clearly through the filter when you position it to a light.

If you want to remove nicotine film from your windows, caused by smoke, you  should wash it with ammonia solution. Dissolve one glass of lemon scented ammonia in 9.5 litres of water. Use this solution for cleaning your windows and removing nicotine and other dirt particles from them. The ammonia will remove the dirt, while the lemon scent will deodorize your rooms.

If your window screens are filthy the most effective way to clean them is by removing them from the window to wash them outwards. With a soft brush rub every side of the screens, using warm to hot water and some detergent for washing dishes, which has lemon scent. Try to loosen and remove the dirt by knocking on the screen gently after you position it at an angle to the ground. Then rinse the screen well with a hose and let it dry on air.

Washing and cleaning windows is an exhausting chore, which takes a lot of time. Use these tips to keep your windows clean, flawless and expensive looking. Keep smoke away from your windows, avoid using candles, incense sticks and don’t smoke in your rooms. This will protect your windows from dirt and nicotine residue. Keep your lawn sprinkles far from your windows to keep them safe from water drops and stains. Try to protect your windows from stains and dirt deposits to have less work in cleaning them.

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