Why Winter Professional Carpet Cleaning Is A Must



The term “Spring House Cleaning” has become such a mantra that people tend to overlook the health hazards that exist because of delaying carpet cleaning in the winter time. First of all, the longer you wait to clean carpeting, the more likely it is that your stains will be deeply ingrained. Christmas and New Years are gone, but the minor holiday stains and soils from these holiday celebrations can become permanent, and carpet fibers can break down and become irreparably damaged.

Here are some of the reasons to call Orion, on Cleveland’s east side, for your winter carpet cleaning:

  1. The springtime is incredibly busy with appointments set up to remove the winter soil build-up. If you call in the winter time to have your cleaning done in the winter time, it’s easier to schedule an immediate appointment which is your first choice as far as day and time are concerned.
  2. Carpets cleaned in the winter time stay clean longer because they don’t accumulate the allergens that are present during the spring, summer and fall when your windows are open. While you are welcoming in fresh air, you are also welcoming in the unwanted guests of pollen, dust and airborne pollutants. When you seal your house up for winter, all these unwanted guests have taken residence in your carpets. By getting your carpets cleaned in the winter, you will find it easier to breathe and you could stop the runny noses associated with the season.
  3. Carpets dry faster in winter than in summer because of the lack of high humidity.
  4. It’s so easy to track in the salt from sidewalks. While we are grateful that these walkways are safe from slipping because they have been salted, we are also tracking the salt into our homes and onto our carpets. These salt products have a high alkaline content, and will leave ugly stains.  Since they are abrasive, they can also affect the life of your carpet, if you don’t pursue winter carpet cleaning.

Orion is here, on Cleveland’s east side, ready to care for your carpets so that you don’t have to wait for spring. Call Nathan today at 440-306-2369 for your winter carpet cleaning.

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