Carpet Shampoo

1. Protect your investment! Regular carpet cleaning, using the Orion extraction method, significantly prolongs the life of your carpet.

After all, you have invested your hard-earned money in beautiful carpets.  You, quite naturally, expect them to be worth the money that you’ve invested in them. Orion hot water extraction method cleaning will significantly prolong the life of your carpet, and secure your floor covering investment.

2. Although carpets protect indoor air quality by trapping pollutants, eventually those pollutants must be removed in order to maintain indoor air quality and to protect the carpet.

3. Carpet spots and stains attract more soiling. Prompt removal of spots and stains protects carpeting from damage.

4. Prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria. Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants, and these lead to health problems within the family.  While we may be conscientious about our food habits and hygiene, we sometimes overlook the fact that what surrounds us at home, like our soiled carpets, can be an enormous health risk.

5. Protect the health of your kids.  Kids have an affinity with the floor.  They crawl around and lie down on carpeting. Their little faces are right there with allergens, dirt and dust mites that reside in your carpeting. Diligent carpet cleaning means that you are protecting all of your little ones who lie down on the carpet to watch TV or play with toys.

6. Your pets are also sharing carpet time with your kids. While the kids are on the carpet some of the time, the pets are on the carpet all of the time. Pets shed, and when they do, dander falls off into the carpeting. This can lead to odors, flea infestation and allergy problems. No matter whether your carpet is brand new or several years old, you and your family need the protection of a clean carpet – a carpet that is free from allergens, dirt and dust.

7. Clean carpeting is the first sign that your home is a clean and well-maintained home.

8. Protect your carpet’s warranty.  Most carpet warranties require cleaning with the Orion hot water extraction method at least every year.

9. Professional carpet cleaning using Orion’s hot water extraction method enhances the appearance of the room.  If you are thinking about Easter or Passover entertaining, begin with an Orion professional cleaning to give your home the lift that it needs.


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