As we have stated many times, carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to remove stains, dirt, pet dander and other allergens. But, did you realize that cleaning of grout and tile should also be professionally cleaned on a regular basis? It will improve the look of your tile and grout, and will provide health benefits to you and your family.

Iā€™d like to talk about the health benefits first. In a short period of time a build-up of mildew, bacteria, viruses, mold and dirt leaches into the grout between the tiles. It is these unhealthy and uninvited guests that build up and create unhygienic surfaces. The areas that are most likely to be targets for festering mold and mildew are bathrooms, showers and kitchen back splashes. Besides these visible contaminants, there are invisible pathogens that will make you sick. By having Orion Cleaning clean your tile and grout once a year, this festering build-up will be removed, and your tile and grout will be returned to a healthy environment. On top of that, your tile and grout will look beautiful and new instead of looking aged, stained, dirty and unappealing. Also, tile and grout that is not cleaned regularly will do long-term harm to your floors and grout.

When home owners tackle tile and grout cleaning on their own, they usually use rough cleaning supplies and really nasty substances. But, Orion Cleaning has access to a multitude of cleaning supplies and techniques that will never harm your tile or your floors and grout. We offer the highest standards of cleanliness and expertise. So, call Orion at 440-306-2369 to have your tile looking like new for the holidays.

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